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Makerpeer Strategy 

An exclusive approach leads to high quality content made by experienced startup advisors.

Target Audience

Target your content to a niche audience of early and seed stage startups and founders


Promote your brand among the startup community and acceleration program.

Easy to Use 

Upload already recorded video or podcast in one click. Make live session and save it on your page

How to Start

  1. Create your profile and start a community

  2. Choose the topics that you are going to cover. It helps users understanding your content in advance.
  3. Upload already recorded content (audio or video)

  4. Create written posts. Add info about your content, collaborate with your community. Invite your network to join Makerpeer.


Get closer with startups and founders, ask questions, provide tips and insights, understand their needs and grow your own brand as an expert.


Makerpeer will allow content creators to monetize content  in Makerpeer version 2. Stay tuned for more news.

Guidelines for content creators

1. Your video/audio should be no more than 20 minutes to keep your audience engaged.

2. Your content should be related to startups.

3. Remember to adhere to Makerpeer's Community Guidelines, which prohibits copyright infringing, violent or offensive content.

4. Keep your background clean in videos and make sure your recording room is noise-free.

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