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The best startup advisors and innovators are busy people, pitching cool product ideas and running their own businesses. And that’s exactly why they can help you.

Thanks to Makerpeer, you now get access these experienced minds through 20 minutes short video interviews and podcasts.

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Makerpeer is the story of how two friends built a mobile app that gives anyone the opportunity to gain insights from some of the best startup founders and startup advisors on the planet.

Jump into the shark tank of knowledge and get ready to grow your startup with Makerpeer.


Finance Model & Analysis. How to build a strong financemodel for investors? 


How to execute a strong marketing strategy?
How to define your target audience?

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Structure 

How to persuade investors and customers to buy your product?


What are NFTs and blockchain all about?
How to build strong MVP? 

Startup Management

The best insights from startups advisors with real experience.

UX/UI Design

Learn what kind of tools you have to use in order to attract customers.

and more topics only about startups...

Makerpeer has been selected for the BeyondBeta acceleration program based in Denmark! The leading Nordic Acceleration Program for Pre-seed Startups"

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